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Mite kudasai! Look into the sky! Ikimashoo! Super Love. Go Lovely0088!

I'm feeling anime today.

13 October
Born in LA, growing up here has made me crazy. I don't know how to describe myself anymore. Some say I'm a slacker, others say I'm a hard worker. Some say I am "white-washed", others call me "ghetto". Some say I'm a deep thinker, others say I'm just constipated. But to put it simply, I'm just me. I'm in school to be an animator/ cartoonist. I am taking classes at a community college because it took me forever to figure out (or get the courage to pursue) my goals. I want to go to an art school but I'm not sure which one. I'm 21. I like to draw, want to get into painting. I like genuine people. When it comes to having friends, I believe in quality over quantity. I tend to bottle things up rather than express my feelings. That's the cliff's note version. Want to know more gotta pay $9.95 for the paperback bio.