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lovely0088 [userpic]

10 random things

March 31st, 2008 (10:22 pm)

10 random facts, goals, secrets, and habits.

1) I hate wearing shoes,although I love buying them. As soon as I get home I kick them off so I can set my feet free.

2) I always wanted to be a cartoonist as a kid/ preteen. I made my first comic book when I was around five and it was about a duck who was also a doctor.

3)Every Spring/ Summer I attempt to swim to get further past my deep fear of drowning. I have gotten better.

4) I am a freak for cheese.

5) I was raised strictly Christian.

6) I am still not sure if I want to get married some day. But I would like to have a couple of kids and a life partner/kindred spirit (hopefully male).

7) I fall asleep with the tv on like 90% of the time. Always either Adult Swim or Comedy Central.

8) I have never left the country

9) My ultimate goal is to have a healthier lifestyle....in every way.

10) In my life time I have kissed 7 people.